Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christians and Yoga

I hold the unpopular conviction that Christianity and yoga are contradictory.  Simply stated, I think Christians shouldn't do it.  Here are a few articles on the topic.  Let me know what your convictions are, if you want.

My former philosophy prof's article

Mark Driscoll on Yoga

Al Mohler, a secular historian, and my prof talk about Yoga

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  1. Hey Jen! I remember many a yoga conversation with you in our time together. As of late, I think it all comes down to the heart of the participant, as most things do. People really need to evaluate the why of everything they do, and most people, when answering this question, would find that they seek something in yoga that they believe God/Jesus/Christianity cannot provide. Though, this wouldn't be admitted openly. I'm sure this is not true of some people. I also think that God and Jesus are bigger than the label "yoga" and Christians are, of course, free in all things. Yoga's roots and it's current practice seem so far disconnected that it's almost laughable, though there are the fanatical instructors (but in my experience, they are rare). Thanks for sharing your posts. :D