Thursday, May 10, 2012

Does the birth control pill cause abortions?

Last weekend we here at the Harbor hosted a seminar in which the speakers (not me and Mark, but a couple including a husband who is a Chaplain and a wife who is a Physicians Assistant), presented a biblical framework for children, as well as medical evidence that the birth control pill does indeed cause abortion.  It was a controversial and compelling presentation.   I urge my Christian brothers and sisters to cease using the Pill and educate yourself by reading the following short book, available online:

"Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?" by Randy Alcorn

The audio from the seminar will be podcasted soon and I will post that here.


  1. I saved the book to read later. I wish it would load into my e-reader, but I can seem to get it to, so I'll have to read it on the computer. I wonder if it's offered as a free book at the kobo and kindle stores?

  2. Patty-I'm not sure if it's offered as a free book or not. The printed version is $3 on Alcorn's website, Take care, Jen