Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Bake Oven

Zoe received an Easy Bake Oven as an early birthday gift from her Grammie.  She's been wanting one now for five years so she was pretty excited.  She and Abby Grace have baked for us now for several nights in a row.   Good thing the cupcakes are the size of nickels.

Zoe and her new prized possession.  The gallery wall behind her is new.  I bought a bunch of cheap white frames and now display our kids' artwork on the dining room wall.  I am really enjoying it.  It was actually worth it to drill every single hole into our concrete wall. 

Here the girls are busy baking--and yes, laundry baskets can usually be found on the kitchen counter in my home. 

Abby Grace really does take after me.  See how teeny the treats are?  Also, the map on the table is a great tip I learned from another homeschooling mom.  Even if you don't homeschool, it's a great way to protect your wooden table while you have kids at home, get the world in front of your kids, and start global conversations at every meal.  The other day when someone showed Zoe their birthmark Zoe exclaimed, "It's in the shape of Sri Lanka!"  I still need to check the map for that shape. 

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  1. How cute! I think every girl wants an easy bake oven at some point.